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WINTER prep!

So I will say we are never ready for the snow to fly but it appears it will be coming in a couple of days.. I did not want to believe the weather mans forecast since usually the news now days is like the national enquirer all around . BUT the animals tell me it is true.

They know and prep and with that said double feedings and getting the water issues resolved. Always an issue with freezing temps. The animals have been very high anxiety and have eaten their normal amount of feed and acting like they are starving.. hence I know the cold is coming... They know.... This involves setting up the water tanks with heaters, making sure we have plenty of shelters - of which we are working on. WE do have four stalls two of which are set up for nursery (one pig and one goat)... one stall contains our turkeys and one open stall. WE have four other shelters available but I'd like to get at least two more done before the snow hits for the winter. Again stressing and waiting till the last minute ..

The bird sanctuaries are all set up and prepared. I'm pleased with that and happy with the set ups. We've also ordered and received a solar set up to help with the heaters. I'll post more on that later..

The rabbits are new to us so I'm nervous yet their enclosure is incredible with tarps and shelter. One momma was due today but that is not unusual for her not to kindle for possibly another day or two.. Still wish she had kindled during the warmer weather. Our other momma is doing great and all four kits are growing like weeds!.....

The weather has been amazing this year into late October with 70/80s until last week.. Pretty awesome! Allowed for more growing season - I just picked my last two zucchini and still have loads of greens I am feeding to the rabbits, Turkeys and pigs.

I have much to do in the next couple of weeks. Randy has been busy building the butcher room and its coming along amazing! He is prepping for hunting and while he is gone I'd like to try and build a couple more shelters for the goats using pallets... (surprise him with my skills Again I apologise not much posting but we'll work on that.. AND also get that store up and running!...... Thank you much for the love and support.......

THE CREW at FHL Ranch.....

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