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Saying goodbye and then hello

It is with great sadness that I share our sweet Twister did not make it. One of my first Nigerian Dwarf goats, star milker, great momma, family pet. She had complications in 2020 with her delivery and I contemplated not breeding her for 2021. I should have listened to my instincts.

I wont ever forget our sweet Twister. She was named that shortly after we picked her up from a 4H'r ADGA association "Curleys Irish Hill Juliet (her papered name). None of that really mattered to us, we just loved her personality... LEAPING and twisting thru the air - Twister.... Born 4/16/2017 and left us 3/22/2021 from complications giving birth. She was our herd leader and all the goats would follow her. She always out in front.

She was attentive to her two live babies up until the day we had to make the decision.

She had lost all bladder control, bowel control, and despite the heavy antibiotics she continued to decline. I had been bottle feeding her two babies yet she would still get up every hour to allow them to suckle. She would lick on them and lay with them. I promised her that morning on the 22nd that. I would take care of her beautiful babies... And I have.

I do have footage of much of what transpired. I'm not quite ready to put that together. Instead I'll focus on how Twisters daughter from 2020 adopted Dinky her 2.5LB doeling and has been nursing her since about three days after Twisters passing. She did not adopt her other doeling so I've been bottle feeding her. I have lots of updates on Twisters two little girls that are now a month old!. Lots of fun photos and video clips. AND a new addition to the ranch - babies.. Flower finally gave birth to two boys and a girl. Lots of video footage and some surprises in our next post.

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