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Honeybees in the lavender

The bees have been a really nice addition to the ranch. Adding pollination for our gardens and providing us with honey! And of course entertainment. We'd like to add another hive Spring 2021 to add another colony.

Honey that you purchase from the grocery store - you know those cute little bottles shaped like a bear? And others are mostly processed sugar. Coming from out of the country and shipped and labeled here in the US. Perhaps that is why when you buy honey from a local grower/farmers market it tastes completely different than what you are used to tasting. Also with that said depending on the region and the nectar/pollen they are gathering completely changes the color, flavor and consistency of the honey.

We've planted lots of wild flowers but our largest flower crop is our lavender. I am very excited to harvest some honey from their gatherings this year. Who wouldn't love lavender honey! I've noticed a lovely increase in our production of vegetables as well with our little box of warriors next to the greenhouse....

Because its getting fairly late in the season I wont be taking a lot of the honey because they rely on it to get them thru the winter. Just a couple frames will do! A later blog posting on that harvest.

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