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Harvesting Mullein and what its uses are

I recently discovered a "weed" on the ranch is actually a very impressive medicinal herbal plant. In fact it is highly useful in respiratory issues along with so many other uses that I will discuss below.

Harvesting is usually Spring to early summer but here on property I have several plants that are still in prime harvesting condition. Mullein is a biannual and we have several with flower stalks along with several first year plants. The leaves are soft with a fuzz when you want to harvest. A tall spike of yellow flowers in the second year. You can harvest the stalks, flowers and roots but you'll want to make sure that you leave some for reseeding. I've chosen to only harvest a few of the flower heads and leaves.

Mullein has been used for decades by the Native Americans and European countries. Called the cowboy toilet paper its soft leaves have been used for just that (remember that when there is another shortage of toilet paper!) also as diapers. The long flower stems have been used for torches and the leaves in boots to keep feet warm. The medicinal benefits included use for headache, throat ailments, respiratory problems, Asthma, colds, sore throat, reduces inflammation, skin ailments, gout and painful joints, ear aches, and digestive issues. It also has antibacterial properties.

I have made Mullein oil which will be used for external use in soaps and lotions and also elixir which can be added to beverages for internal use. With this fresh harvest I'll be freeze drying for use in tea. I've not used Mullein before so I only have what I've found on the internet. It seems to be a "miracle" plant and in these times I'll happily harvest it for later use!.

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