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GOT Eggs - OUT of mayonnaise

LETS make some mayonnaise!

We've had plenty of eggs and I'll be posting several things you can make with eggs besides breakfast. today was a necessity since I decided to make egg salad sandwiches and with NO shopping I had about 1 teaspoon of mayo left. Not gonna cut it .. SO!.. lets make some!

Pretty simple really... egg yokes, lemon squeezed, olive oil, salt, and whatever seasonings you like. I used salt, pepper, garlic and some sage. I dont have the exact measurements but pretty much do it by taste and feel. I used about two dozen quail egg yokes and about six chicken egg yokes. ( THIS made a full quart jar which will last for quite some time in the frig).

I used a food processor and crack the eggs draining the whites for later use (I like to add them to my dogs raw diet program). Start your processor and add seasonings.. then as processor is on add olive oil slowly till it starts to thicken. (can take some time)

THANTS IT!.. home made mayo.....

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