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EMU's at the ranch!

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

join us on our journey of raising and hatching new generations in the years to come...Never in my prior life would I Have ever imagined what we are doing now on this ranch. Life throws you curves and this time I Grabbed feathers.....We have hatched out 200 plus quail this year and are just now collecting pheasant and chukar eggs that will go in the incubator this next week. Our heritage turkey clan is strong and we anticipate many chicks to come .LAst year was a huge success and we are grateful to all that supported our efforts on growing humanely and clean with fresh fruits and veggies donated to our ranch..... Our duck clan is well ducks...its a what happens happens... we have a mix of Rouen and mallards..AND I"M rambling.....below is what the post is about.....OUR NEW addition to the ranch ....a breeding pair of emus......they are FOUR weeks and two weeks old....Meet Vella and Rex.... aka Velociraptor and TRex...I've always wanted a dinosaur. I decorated my sons room in dinosaurs ..later he loved rock hounding and fascinated with dinosaurs....sorry off post and rambling again.....Emus.! lots of questions and why is the biggest.. well..... emus are a wonderful source of meat. no we aren't going to eat Vella and REX....they also provide a very medicinal oil in their fat....AND the huge part is they are very trainable to be very personable with humans and other animals. This will be a three year process for our ranch . WATCH our journey worth it just for the experience alone!.. with our dinosaurs!..Please watch our YouTube video below and subscribe ...

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