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Busy busy

So, its been a while since I've posted. Fall always seems to be a very busy time at the ranch. Preparing for winter creates a lot of busy days!

There is yard clean up which includes gathering seeds for next year, gathering what is left of our vegetable gardens, dead heading all the flowers, pasture maintenance, making sure all heated waterers are in good condition, positioning heat lamps where needed for various animals, moving cattle to the back pastures, building a few more shelters, and just various clean up. Also we prep some of the animals for breeding and have some due soon. Its also hunting season and of course we MUST go crabbing!..

We've got a rabbit building a nest as I type - BABIES ! Another due Oct 21. And our Kune Kune although we never saw the breeding should be due within 2-3 weeks. Also our Juliana pig is due Dec 25!. Lots of little piggies and some cute bun buns! Scribbles one of our Nigerian Dwarf goats is also due in about a month. This entails making sure we have clean stalls prepped and ready for mommas to have a comfortable and quiet place to give birth and raise their babies. We are fortunate to have four beautiful stalls and Randy has built the rabbits an incredible structure complete with safe fencing they can run around in. Rabbit hutches to reside in, complete with nesting boxes, clean fresh water, veggies, hay and pellets.

So just a quick posting to let you know we are still here!.. There should be some fun babies bunnies to post about soon!!

Clean up of the crazy island.. I love how it looks spring thru fall .. BUT its a job to clean up before winter! Well worth the beauty it gives us.

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