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YES 2022 bird season has started.. never in my mind would I have thought I would be raising so many birds!.. I wasn't really a bird gal.. really kinda scared of them to be frank.. BUT things change!..

We now raise two different kinds of pheasants, chukars, bobwhite quail, coturnix quail in various colours, Rouen ducks, mallard ducks, heritage turkeys, Sumatra chickens, brahma, French maran, and Americana chickens and a couple polish.

Although the temps are in the single digits at night the birds seem to think its spring and the roos are acting fairly aggressive and the hens are laying.. leaving them to freeze at night.. Not so good. But I have managed to collect a few quail eggs and pheasant eggs that are now in the incubator. I'm not sure where the bobwhites will fit in and will try them for this season. A friend gifted them and I feel honored to have them under my care. Just not sure they will fit in with all the other happenings... which leads me to this post........ WE have new comers coming to the ranch....

EMUS!..... we have thought a long time about this.. a few years actually... and Now I wish I'd started sooner... BUT this week we will pick up our breeding pair.. four week old Vela and two week old Rex. Be sure to check back for video footage of our travels to pick them up.. It will be an eight hour round trip to get them. Randy has set up a fabulous brooding pen for them with this cold weather. Its been in the single digits.. Once it warms up they will get their own stall and out door run until they are old enough to romp in the pasture! WE are all very excited for these new additions!.. More on the hatching soon.. Thank you for visiting

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