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It was HOT today!. Finally but really........ I love Summer however I really dislike huge swings in temps.. Guess I'm living in the wrong location with easy 50 degree swings from night to day at times in the summer.. I personally can handle it, its the animals I worry about.

Today was a day of hanging tarps, adding extra water to pens and making sure everyone was comfortable.

Pheasants needed an extra tarp to add more shade and a 14" water bowl - do they use water like other wild birds?. They have their waterers. I just added a "small swimming pool".... Dogs have their kiddy pool on the deck and this fun little mister... Above and beyond the pond of course... Chickens got a mister and the quail got an extra "swimming bowl".... Turkeys have their stall for keeping cool.. The barn always stays nice and cool.. However one did escape and thankfully we found her before one of the dogs!.... Back in the turkey enclosure and some repairs made to their fencing. Goats, pigs, cows, donkeys and cats all have ample access to shade and water.

Rabbits - they needed more tarps, and I also brought out a fan. Surprisingly their enclosure stays pretty comfortable but I added the fan for a bit more circulation. Everyone is doing GREAT!.... Just needing a little more TLC in the heat....

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